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God Alone

Nothing matters but God. Nothing. Without Him we are nothing. We live because He died. Every single moment that is ours has been bought for us by the precious blood of the Lamb of God! Until we comprehend this glorious message and live it, our lives will be worthless to us and useless to God.

Everything about us is for Him. We are not our own. We are His–bought by His blood, translated by His Spirit, purposed for His holiness. Without Him, we are as dead men.

We call ourselves Christian and then dare to mock that precious Name by our lack of holiness. We claim we are His and then live for ourselves and this world. We call upon the Lord to save us and then live unrighteously. What do we think we are doing? If we are His, our lives will show it. If they don’t, then we aren’t His. We cannot be bought by the precious blood of the holy Son of God and not declare it by our holy lives. It is impossible.

If we love Him, we will obey Him. We will find time to fall down in worship. We will prostrate ourselves in prayer. We will delve into the Word of God and stay there until we understand it, until it becomes part of us. We will rise up and proclaim His Truth by words and by deeds. The world will know us as His messengers by our resemblance to the One we so boldly proclaim.

We will seek out His Truth. We will lose all interest in the worldly death march masquerading as truth. An awareness of His holiness will drive us, call us, to live for something better: the Truth that never fails. Purified by His Spirit, we will love this life less and less and understand His ways more and more.

Only those who so love can go singing to their deaths. Only those so called can denounce everything that is temporal and live for His glory. Only those bought by His blood can boldly climb upon their own cross and bear it with joy. Only those transformed can declare through words and deed “God alone! God alone is everything!”

God alone!

Anna Wood

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