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Kyle Artusio: Draw Near to Me

Draw near to me, oh Jesus fair
Meet me in the garden there
In Your chambers, face to Face
Show me all Your truth and grace
I’m moved to make a single plea:
Oh my King, draw near to me!

Lord, unceasing through the day
Make this heart of mine to pray
In the morning, dressed with dew
Show me all Your mercies new
In the silence of the night
Wake my soul with holy light.

Set me on the rock alone
Make Your many beauties known
In the respite of retreat
Make me taste Your goodness sweet
Father, take Your hand away
Guard me not from the display!

Set my eyes on things above
At the summit of Your love
Lamb upon the placard tree
Slain for sin – for me, for me!
Spare me not the mourner’s view
Take Your sword, and run me through.

All hopes of earth do I resign
To make the Hope of Heaven mine
And wait for Him from day to Day
And follow in the narrow way
Leaving all I once held dear:
My King, my Jesus, draw me near


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