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A Prayer by William Wilberforce

O Lord,

reassure me with Your quickening Spirit; without You I can do nothing.

Mortify in me all ambition, vanity, vainglory, worldliness, pride,

selfishness, and resistance from God,

and fill me with love, peace, and all the fruits of the Spirit.

O Lord, I know not what I am, but to You I flee for refuge.

I would surrender myself to You, trusting Your precious promises

and against hope believing in hope.

You are the same yesterday, today, and forever; and therefore,

waiting on the Lord,  I trust that I shall at length renew my strength.



Slave of Christ. Reformed Baptist. Mama of many blessings. Homemaker. Homeschooler. Author. Blogger. I write about practical Christian living, womanhood, and domestic violence awareness (with a few other topics thrown in). Passionate about Christ's glory, my children, homemaking, writing, the church, helping those in abusive situations, reading, and animals. Lover of good coffee.

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