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Judgment or Revival? by Holly Dye

What is this being proclaimed from our pulpits? Never have I heard such a conglomeration of psychology mixed with paganistic beliefs!  These purveyors of false doctrine continue to spew their vile regurgitations of Hellenistic half-truths to the multitudes.

Do our American pastors pray and seek God for their messages? Or do they surf the purpose-driven websites to find their prepackaged sermons? What works this week may not be what works next week. After all, we must stay in tune with our culture.

However, no matter what our culture tells us, the Word of God (the Bible) is still the correct tool to use to discern both good and evil. It is a mirror that reflects our thoughts and intentions. It is a sword that divides truth from error. It is the very breath and life of God that we should judge all our actions by.

If there ever was a time that we must be careful what we listen to, it is today. Seducing spirits and doctrines of devils have invaded the pulpits without much contention from those who should be students of the Scriptures. The sheep continue to swallow this great tasting poison without so much a flinch.

At the same time, we see such troubling things occurring in our country. Government takeover, the fear of the country bankrupting itself, and civil outrage and distrust is rising.

You think there’s going to be a revolution in our country? You think we should be crying out at the injustice that we see? O my friend, a revolution is indeed coming and simultaneously, the same shall come to the church.

A few months ago, while in prayer, I kept hearing the words, “It’s coming”. I began to sense something coming upon this country. The only way I know how to describe it is to say it was like two different waves coming at the exact same time. One wave was terrible, horrifying judgment and the other was immense revival. They were of the same intensity.

I believe we can choose which wave will come upon us. Will it be judgment or revival?

R.T. Kendall, in his article entitled, Judgment at the House of God, had this to say:

What kind of divine judgment are we facing? I believe there are no fewer than five kinds.

1) Retributive judgment. This is God getting even and showing no mercy at all. It happened to Cain and to Sodom and Gomorrah (see Gen. 4:13; 19:28). Eternal punishment is the ultimate display of retributive judgment (see Rev. 14:11).

2) Gracious judgment. Whereas retributive judgment is God’s wrath unveiled “without mixture” (Rev. 14:10, KJV), gracious judgment comes blended with mercy. Painful though it is, it is attached to hope and is designed to lead to unfeigned repentance. Gracious judgment is also given to warn us. It was at the bottom of Jonah getting found out, being thrown overboard and then swallowed up by the fish. It led to his repentance (see Jon. 1-2).

3) Redemptive judgment. Also a mixture, this involves retribution paralleled by a promise. When the children of Israel murmured in their wandering, God sent poisonous snakes that bit the people. But He also ordered Moses to make a bronze snake and put it up on a pole so those who looked at it would live (see Num. 21:8-9).

4) Natural judgment. A variation of retributive judgment, this is natural law at work with an emphasis on the consequence of sin. “Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap” (Gal. 6:7).

5) Silent judgment. This is the scariest scenario of all, when God appears to do nothing. It follows this premise: The angrier God is, the longer He waits to reveal it. At His angriest, God does nothing. We see this in Romans 1 when God merely “gave them up” to sinful desires and lusts (vv. 24, 26). Silent judgment is when God doesn’t send pain; He doesn’t indicate His anger; He doesn’t even send a warning.

For some 23 years Jonathan Edwards ministered in a church in Northampton, New England. During those years he saw revival twice. Once in 1735 and then again in 1740. This is what he observed when God sent revival to the church:

1. He makes men aware of how great and majestic God is.

2. He convinces men that God is perfectly holy.

3. He impresses upon men that God hates sin. It displeases him. It incurs his wrath.

4. He shows and convinces us that we are sinners.

5. He encourages us to detest sin.

6. He teaches us to be deeply sorry for our sin(s). Sometimes this sorrow is very intense. Some have been known to weep and mourn for days.

7. He causes men to see that the message of the Bible is true.

8. He overwhelms men with the realization that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Savior and that there is no way to God except through faith in Christ.

9. The spirit impresses upon us that the Lord Jesus has done all that is necessary for our salvation.

10. The Spirit reveals himself to believers as the great comforter.

11. He fills us with an intense desire to live for God.

12. He teaches us to live by faith and not by sight.

13. He teaches us not to trust ourselves but to depend upon God at all times.

14. He fills us with a longing that all Christians will prove both loving and faithful.

15. The Spirit teaches us to deny ourselves.

16. He makes us tenderhearted towards and deeply concerned for those who don’t know Christ.

17. He encourages us to pray that God will do yet greater things.

18. He causes believers to delight in heaven.

19. He fills them with an intense love for other Christians.

20. He teaches us to pray that others will love God better than we do.

21. He makes spiritual things delightful to us.

22. He makes us deeply aware of the importance of doing good to all men.

23. He fills Christians with an assurance that God loves them.

24. He teaches us to love, and makes us ready to obey, all that God commands.

25. He fills men with a desire to read the Bible and to hear his Word taught and preached.

What of it, my friends? Will you choose to get your life right with God and experience a coming revival such as has not been seen for hundreds of years? Or will you go on living your careless existence as if there are no repercussions for your rebellious ways?

For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:17)

It’s your choice. Choose wisely.



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