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Where Are The People Of God?

Where are the people of God today? Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness? Who long for God more than they do for food and water? Who simply must have God–or they die? Where are the people who will cry out to God to make them holy–at any cost? Those for whom spending hours before the throne of God is normal? Where are the men and women of God who love God and His Word so very much that they will give their very lives to see it taught? Who will stand up for truth even when it is unpopular? Where are those who, like the saints of old, are so filled with love for God that they will shun the world even as others laugh at them for it?  Where are the men and women who will boldly call sin “sin“? Who will hold themselves and their families to a higher standard? Those who are willing to say to God, “Search me, try me, make me like Jesus”?

Where are the preachers who don’t mind stepping on toes if he can save a soul or two from eternal damnation? Where is the teaching on hell in today’s pulpits?  Where are the men and women who have told even one person that hell is real and awful and eternal? Who understand that anyone who does not bow down to God in complete obedience will not spend an eternity with God–and are broken over that? Where are those who are absolutely, devastatingly heart-broken over the flesh-and-blood people who die each second without God and enter hell–forever?

Where are the mothers and fathers who weep over their family before a Holy God? Who live out sacrificial love before their families? Whose children know that they stand absolutely, unerringly for God and nothing else? Who teach their children that nothing but God is important and nothing but their souls will last into eternity? Who live each day ministering to their families as if they are ministering to Christ?

Where are those who are dead to this world and anything that it offers and are alive only unto God? Where are the Christians who will not bow down to the god of entertainment? Who can shun fun for the moment for the study of and proclamation of the everlasting gospel? Who daily “redeem the time” so that they may use it wisely for God?

Where are those Christians who know enough Bible to identify and refute the false doctrines that are flooding our churches? Where are the ones who are willing to weigh their Christian beliefs against what God’s Word says and change it if necessary even if they are persecuted for it or labeled a fanatic?

Where are the Christians who love God’s Word with holy reverence? Who fear the Lord with holy fear? Who stand in awe before Him? Where are those who are heartbroken over God having been blasphemed and His holy Word twisted and denied–by His own church? Where are those who are willing to take up the armor of God and stand toe to toe with the devil and fight for Truth? Who teach truth repentance:  that we must repent and keep on repenting? Where are those men and women who teach, not only the love of God but, also, the holy wrath of God? Who are willing to spend all night in prayer in order to know God better? Who are in anguish over the state of the church? Who weep holy tears that the church that has married the world? Who have given themselves over to God so that He may break them so that He may use them up and wear them out? Who kneel down to pray so that they may rise up and work? Who do not want an easy life or a comfortable life but only want one thing:  that their lives may count for the gospel of Christ? Where are those who weep when they hear that Christ died for them? Who ache to the point of tears over God crushing His Son for them? Where are those who will study God’s Word with a desire to understand and apply God’s Word? Who then, having learned, will go and teach the Word?

Where are the people of God who believe God, want God, long for God, will stand for God and His truth no matter what?


3 thoughts on “Where Are The People Of God?

  1. See, that whole “keep repenting” thing is where you get messed up. To repent is to walk in a different direction – presumably away from sin. You guys just end up walking around in circles.

    1. Yes, to repent is to turn in a different direction and to see it from that standpoint you are correct; however, what I mean with this is that when you sin (as you still will do), you will immediately turn from it (thus keep on repenting). The true Christian will not want to, or allow himself to, fall into a pattern of sin because of this.

  2. We’re here with you praying and being perfected by God,as only he can bring the needed changes in our lives.And oh how we do long for our Father in these tent’s of clay,to transform us as he promised through his word.And he will do it!
    Numbers 6:24~26 Really enjoyed your post.

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