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It’s Our Fault

Have you stopped to pray in the wake of last week’s SOTUS ruling? It’s our fault, you know. We, the church, have recklessly stood by for decades as the progressive policies of the left have slowly but steadily wound their ever tightening tentacles around the American people, choking the life out of our freedom, and, worse, flaunting sin-filled purposes in the face of the Almighty. We stood by and let it happen. Oh, we fought, and at times, fought well, but we were also fighting with each other so, in most cases, our efforts went nowhere. We couldn’t agree so we wasted time, wasted efforts, wasted our chances. There are those who would say that anybody who claims to be conservative, no matter what their policies, should come together in a united purpose, and there are those who say anyone who claims to be conservative is ultimately no different from the leftists. The truth is somewhere in the middle. There are conservatives who are conservative only in fiscal matters. There’s a reason the libertarian party is growing and it’s them. There are conservatives who, while holding dear all that a true conservative fights for, cannot and will not, and often should not, agree with the religious beliefs of others on the same side. So the fight goes inward, fighting against one another rather than fighting against our common enemies. Finding conservatives who agree on everything is often not easy at all. So the fight will continue but much of it will be among ourselves.

We probably don’t deserve another chance. We’ve sat back and let the name of the Lord be mocked. We’ve given over so much of American life because we’ve sat by and let the life be drained out of our churches. Therein lies the real problem. We’ve forgotten the Lord, ignored His laws, decried His truths as too restrictive, and compromised with the devil on so many issues. Do we deserve His mercy any longer? Sadly, the answer is “No”. But without His mercy, His grace, His helping hand, we can do nothing. Either we turn to Him in repentance or we go completely down, giving over our churches and our land to the leftists. At that point, there will be little left.

Our churches must wake up. In the wake of the recent homosexual marriage ruling (let’s refuse to call it gay any longer), the churches who aren’t dedicated to the truth of God’s Word will make themselves known. They will celebrate it, change their bylaws to allow it and the left will take notice. God will take notice, also, but these churches of Belial won’t care for now (one day, they will but it will be too late for them). Those of us who still care about what God has said must stand for truth. We must repent for not caring before. Why haven’t we repented already? Why haven’t we taken a stand for truth before? We were continuously assured by our leaders that if we only compromised just a bit, we could be relevant to society and then they would love us, love our God, they would be saved, God would be glorified and all would be well. Well, you know what? Those leaders were wrong. If we truly want to glorify God, we must base our truths, our actions, our stands, on what He says in His Word. Not in what we think His Word says, not in what someone said His Word meant, but get in the Bible and read it for ourselves.

As for our country, if we who love the Lord don’t take a stand for truth, then those who don’t love Him will continuously push their progressive agenda. They will win, and everything that was once good, and true, and great in this country will be lost forever–and our children, our grandchildren, and all who will come after them will suffer for it. Are we willing to let that happen? We may not agree with everything the Republican candidate for President has to say or to offer but he, whoever he might prove to be, will be the only chance we’ve got politically to take a stand against the Left and their agenda. Pray, beg God to raise up a candidate who will honor Him. Meanwhile, let us pray that God brings this country, and ourselves, our families, and our churches, to repentance. I know I’ve not loved Him enough–in fact, I’m not capable of loving Him enough but I do love Him and I long to love Him more. Let’s ask for that, too: for hearts completely devoted to Him. For the chance to bring Him glory through our choices over these next few months. The life of our country hangs in the balance. It’s held in the hands of our churches, of people just like you and me who love the Lord, love our children and our spouses, and who don’t want to be the last generation of true Americans. Fight, will you? And pray before you fight, because that’s where this fight must begin and end. May God have mercy.

Soli Deo gloria!

We Just Can’t Do Church Anymore

I read the book of Acts and I love the church. I look around me at what the church has become in our land and, to be completely honest, I don’t. Those are hard words and hard to say words, but they’re absolutely honest. Those who are supposed to be Christ’s body surely don’t act as if they are. They’ve tried to be relevant, and change with the times, meeting changing needs, and all the while dishonoring the One they are to love supremely. This group has been legalistic, adding laws upon laws, and knowing little or nothing of grace. That group has been all about “Christian liberty”, liberty that, as they define it, isn’t found anywhere in Scripture. Even those who have the truth usually end up becoming more about business, more about a few families in their congregation, or more about how to pay the bills, than they are about Christ. So, no, I don’t love what we, as the body of Christ, have become. But I do love the church, as it is meant to be, as God’s holy Word lays it out.

We just can’t do church anymore, at least not the way we’ve done it for so long. We’ve discarded what is good, and true, and perfect, for that which changes with the tides. We’ve thrown away truth in an attempt to be relevant. We’ve hunkered down and, in an attempt to protect the truth that we claim to love, we’ve turned it into something ugly and hateful. Something that doesn’t reflect or honor the Lord of glory.

It’s heartbreaking. And if it breaks our hearts, you know it has to be breaking His. There is a remedy and it’s this, I believe: Stop doing church and become the church that Christ died for. Stop seeking after man’s applause and live for the glory, and delight, of One. Stop checking what’s popular and simply do and teach what’s right. Stop sending kids off on a mature Christian’s mission–no more teen mission groups, not unless those teens are truly saved, and truly mature in the faith, and, in today’s churchanity, how many do you know that are? Stop catering to the whims of teens, to the pressures of parents (who don’t have the time, the know how, or, sadly, sometimes even the desire, to teach their own children and thus push it off on youth pastors) and teach those kids the truth of God’s Word: no more games, no more fun trips here and there, get them in the Word, teach and memorize the Word, and prepare them to serve. Give them a snow shovel up North and a lawnmower down South, or put a paintbrush or a broom in their hands, and teach them how to do for others–for the glory of Christ.

Teach those things that have been long ignored: That there really is a difference in men and women, and there are ways to live out our roles, ways prescribed in Scripture, but, in doing so, steer clear of the dangers of patriarchal teaching. The man can be, and should be, the head of the home, without being elevated to ungodly positions. Teach men and women, boys and girls, about modesty, about how to reflect God’s glory through our choices of words, actions, and, yes, clothes. Teach them that there are right ways, and wrong ways, to be modest, but that the purpose of it all is to honor the Lord–not to draw attention to themselves, and not to feel somehow holier than others. Teach new Christians, and our youth, how to study the Bible, and why they ought to believe the Words of the Bible–that it and it alone, is truth. Teach them how to seek after knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Teach that Christians are to be light and salt–and how. Teach how to be good stewards of our time, of our money, of our talents. Teach us how to be wise, how to be discerning, about what we read, watch, how we entertain ourselves (and why too much entertainment, too much fun, is detrimental to the soul). Teach us that this world is not our home, prepare us for persecution, and help us to live in a way to deserve it. Prepare us for our real Home. Help us to long for God, to thirst after Him and His Word.

None of this will matter if we do it because we ought to, or because someone expects us to. We must do it for Christ, for Him who died for us. We need to learn to love Him, to obey Him, and to lay down our lives daily. We can’t do church anymore because we’re simply not ready to. We’re weak, and we need real food, no more milk of the Word, give us the meat of the Word. And teach us that doing for Christ isn’t as important as simply obeying Him. The doing must flow out of the being or we’ll just mess it up again–just like we’ve messed it up so far.

Moms, Dads, Pastors, you’ve got a tremendously difficult job ahead of you. I’m a Mom, and what I see when I read the Word of God vs. what I see when I look at the church, breaks my heart. It ought to break my heart. My own complicity, my own sin, ought to, and does, break my heart. Join me in repenting, and seeking God’s mercy and grace so that we may obey Him, so that we may truly love Him, and that we may, as the Body of Christ, be completely and utterly pleasing to Him.

Soli Deo gloria!

This is the Day, Here is the Place

This is where the rubber meets the road, folks. It’s time for all who love the Lord to start acting as if we do, to start taking Him at His Word, to trust in Him enough to be what He has called us to be rather than continuously capitulating to those who don’t care what they have to do to win. They aren’t looking at you admiring your boldness for daring to step over the line, their line; no, they are looking at you, shaking their heads, and secretly applauding the fact that you are gullible enough to be fooled. We’re supposed to be salt and light but we’re not. Salt purifies and light dispels darkness, and that’s what our Lord has called us to do. What are we really doing? Making excuses and hiding. You know why? Because we’re fools. We’ve traded the love of the One for the like of the many, and that’s a losing proposition. Jesus offers us life eternal, what do they offer us? The chance to sell out our Lord, our souls, our children, our freedom. And we’ve done it. We’ve done it, folks, for far too long. Our Moms and Dads did it, too. It’s time for it to stop. Far past time, actually. It may be too late. Jesus is patient but He does get tired of being trampled on and we’ve stretched the Lord’s patience for a long, long, time now. It’s time to repent, yes, absolutely, but, if the Lord should be so gracious as to give us the chance, it’s also time to rise up and act. To live as if we really are the salt and light God calls us to be.

Let’s start by getting into the Bible and reading it for ourselves. I challenge you, if you’ve never read the Bible all of the way through, start doing so today. Read three, four, five, or more, chapters a day. You can even listen to it, if that works best. Just read, and as you read make sure it’s getting into your mind and your heart. Look up references, consult a good commentary (John Gills’, Charles Spurgeon’s, or Matthew Henry’s are good places to start). Some of these are available free online. You can purchase them for Kindle. Whatever you do, just get a hold of a good one, one ground in the truth of God’s unchanging Word. But, just read, and pray as you do. And believe it. Not believing the Word of God got us where we are today. We distrusted Him more than we distrusted society, so we compromised. We sinned. We sinned because we didn’t love Him enough. We didn’t want to be embarrassed more than we didn’t want to dishonor Him. God forgive us. Forgive us.

We didn’t want our daughters to be embarrassed by being the only teen not wearing a bikini so we compromised on modesty. We didn’t want our children to stand out among their peers so we allowed them to watch, listen to, and do that which we knew in our hearts that we oughtn’t to. We didn’t want to stand out among our peers so we compromised on the inerrancy of Scripture. We sought out man’s wisdom rather than the Lord’s on creation, holiness, righteousness, sin, marriage, family, and in so many other areas, areas that the Lord’s Word defines but we rejected His truth. We didn’t want to actually hold our churches, ourselves or our families accountable to the truth of God’s Word in our rapidly changing society so we crossed the line on abortion, homosexuality, and on so many other issues. We ceased calling sin, sin, and started making excuses for those whose lives were drenched in it. They’d had a bad childhood. They just didn’t know better. They were afraid. They were embarrassed. It would have just been too hard on them. They couldn’t help themselves. And so on, and so on, we made excuses for them and for us. We bowed to sin, gave ourselves over to disgusting filth, allowed our churches to teach pop psychology or the next best way to have the best life now, and all the while we were forgetting the One who said that if we loved Him, we would obey Him. We’ve neither loved Him nor have we obeyed Him and we’re now reaping the consequences of our failure, of our sin.

If you are serious about serving the Lord, this is the time to stand up and act. If you haven’t been but want to be, this is the time to repent. The world, in all its darkness, despair, sin sickness and failure, needs us. They just don’t know it yet. But if we live out that which we’ve long claimed to believe, maybe, just maybe, by the grace and mercy of God Almighty, they just might see it. If they do, they’ll repent, and souls will be won. But it doesn’t start with their repentance, friends, it starts with ours. We who knew better have failed. We must repent, we must seek the Lord’s forgiveness, beg His mercy, plead for His grace, and seek Him, and only Him, as we stand up to try one more time to get it right.

This is the day, here is the place. Filth is upon us. Decay is all around. But the Light of Christ still shines forth in darkness, the Salt of His Word still dispels falsehoods, and we who love Him, and we alone, have the truth that others need.

May God grant us the mercy, grace, truth, devotion to Him, moral courage and fortitude that we need.

Soli Deo gloria!

where you start determines where you end

where you start determines where you end

Originally posted on Don't Stop Believing:

Last Friday the Supreme Court expanded marriage, at least for now, to any two consenting adults. As Justice Roberts noted in his dissent, the court offered no reason why gender doesn’t matter but the number does. If the court is consistent, it will legalize polygamy the next time a polygamist sues.

Much has already been written about the court’s decision, but I want to make one point that has been overlooked. The culture may have a crazy, unsustainable definition of marriage, but the culture itself isn’t crazy. Its new definition is entirely consistent with its first principles.

Compare Justice Kennedy’s conclusion on gay marriage with his earlier statement on human freedom. In 1992’s “Planned Parenthood vs. Casey,” which upheld the right to abortion, Kennedy famously wrote, “At the heart of liberty is theright to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the…

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Standing With the Lord

How did the church lose the battle for the souls of America? By failing to be the body of Christ. A body cannot be divorced from its head and live; in the same way, the body of Christ cannot separate itself from Jesus and survive as His body. Yet, that’s exactly what many so-called Christians in America have tried to do. From the pastors down to the youth in the pews, we’ve claimed to believe the Word of God while living as if we didn’t believe it at all. Whatever the culture was pushing was the new thing that we were going to capitulate on. From divorce to abortion, from immodesty to homosexuality, if the culture pushed it you could be sure some lukewarm preacher was going to push it, too. Since many of us never actually read the Bible, we had nothing to base objections on and we gave in. Now the giving in has come full circle and we’re reaping the results of our sinfulness. At this point, it matters not what we say we believe; it matters only if we live it. There is no time to waste. The body of Christ either takes a stand with the Lord and fights for that which has been lost, and do so on bended knees of repentance, seeking God’s blessings and His glory, or we go down forever. As for me and my house, we’re standing with the Lord.

LGBT Movement: Part 1

Originally posted on The Domain for Truth:


Earnestly Contend for the Faith

Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints(Jude 1:3).  Why do we defend the institute of marriage?  We defend because it is an institute, anchored in the creation ordinance.  A creation ordinance that prescribes only a monogamous relationship between one man and one woman.  We defend it also because for Christians marriage is a sacred institute that was considered a mystery and was later revealed in the NT as a reflection or living drama of the Gospel.  Paul states his reason concerning his discourse on the relationship between the husband and the wife.  He refers to it as a mystery.  A mystery because it is in reference to Christ.  In…

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Repent, and Go Forth

This once great nation has reached a moment of decision. It is a moment that, had the church acted as the church all along, never would have come upon us. But salt and light seemed to be beyond us for just a bit too long, and thus here we find ourselves. It is too much for us to ask for things to go back as they were before. Anyway, we’re fooling ourselves if we think it’s something worth going back to. Mayberry never existed and, even in the golden years post-WW2, things were never as good as they once seemed. The decay was there, eroding away at the foundation, even as Mom and Dad threw backyard BBQ’s and little Jimmy and Alice had the run of the town. Those days may never be seen again, and, even if they could, we should reject them. It is here that the Lord wants us; it is now He’s chosen for us to act. But to act demands that we first bow our knees in repentance. We’ve sinned, we’ve failed, and all around is the evidence of that failure. Maybe the Lord will have mercy upon us and send a great revival. It’s happened twice before in our nation; it’s not beyond belief that it could happen again. Should the Lord choose to send His Spirit among us, saving us from ourselves and our sins, we should spend the rest of forever praising Him, thanking Him, serving Him. But if He doesn’t, if He lets us and our nation go down, we should also spend the rest of forever in praise and thanksgiving. He is our Lord and if He chooses that we lose it all, let us willingly give it up into His powerful hands, trusting in His omniscience, believing in His sovereignty, with faith in His love. But whatever the Lord brings, be it life or be it death, let us now examine ourselves and rise to repentance and to obedience. For, no matter what happens, our Great I AM is worthy of all that we have to give.

Soli Deo gloria!


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