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Defeating the Never Trumpers

Wild Bill for America


Defeating Hillary Clinton and stopping the Democrat’s war on American morals and freedom is the top priority for all patriotic Americans!  Well, at least it should be.  There appear to be some who are hell bent on sabotaging Donald Trump”s campaign to win the White House.

It grieves me to say that some of these “never Trumpers” are people who call themselves conservative patriots.  These never Trump “trolls” are on a rampage, putting up poisonous posts on conservative sites all over the net in their attempt to destroy Trump’s chances of winning.

The problem is…..Trump is the ONLY person in position to stop Hillary.  So every person who is part of the never Trump rampage is helping Hillary win.

So, how do we stop the never Trump trolls?
Easy, their only power is their never ending stream of poisonous posts that they put on pro Trump sites.  We can silence…

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Hypersomnia – Trouble Staying Awake, Even When You Need To

Breathe well. Sleep well. Live well.

This blog and the postings for the month of February will deal with excessive sleepiness and a group of disorders that cause excessive sleepiness and excess sleep that are of central (or neurologic) origin.  These disorders do not have a physical cause like sleep apnea or leg movements.  For the most part, these disorders are uncommon, and for that reason not always appreciated by physicians who do not practice sleep medicine or neurology.  Some of these disorders may cause symptoms for years before diagnosis.  For example, narcolepsy usually becomes symptomatic in the late teen years to early twenties and is frequently not diagnosed until the patient is in their 30’s.


Hypersomnia is essentially the same as excessive sleepiness but also includes excessive sleep (sleep for long periods in a day).  Patients with hypersomnia may find that they are constantly sleepy in spite of adequate sleep.  For some patients abnormal…

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Focus on Christ, Not on Christlikeness

Pastor Dave Online

focusThere are many dangers in the Christian life, yet the subtle ones are often the more serious. In particular, it is tempting in our daily Christian living, to pursue sanctification in such a way that it actually promotes nothing more than behavior modification. The Christian life, however, is first and foremost about a relationship with the Christ. As we seek to grow, then, we need to focus not on our behavior but on our savior. Focus on Christ, not on Christlikeness.

The difference may seem subtle, but it’s huge. To focus on Christlikeness means our attention is given primarily to what we do. We are going to be constantly examining our actions, attitudes, thoughts, and emotions. We are going to compare ourselves to Jesus, identifying where we fall short, and striving to improve. We will focus on what we need to change. This can all be good, because, after all…

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Is She a False Teacher? 7 Steps to Figuring it Out on Your Own

Michelle Lesley

false teacher 7 steps

“What are your thoughts about  _____?
Is she doctrinally sound? Is she a false teacher?”

That’s probably the number one question I’m asked by readers. It gives me so much joy each time I receive that question because it’s encouraging to hear from Christian women who don’t want to be led astray and want to worship Christ in spirit and in truth.

I’m delighted to answer readers’ questions about various teachers (You can find information about many of today’s best known evangelical personalities and ministries under my “Popular False Teachers” tab at the top of this page.) but, unfortunately, my answers often take a while. I’ve never heard of many of the teachers I’m asked about, and in order to give a fair and biblically accurate answer, I have to research each of them. The less famous they are, the less information there is out there about them, and…

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A Review of “The Heart of Domestic Violence” by Chris Moles

Pastor Dave Online

molesIt seems inappropriate to call a book on domestic violence good. The topic is, after all, so horrific and despicable. Chris Moles knows that, he’s a trained batterer interventionist and Biblical Counselor. He has seen the horrors of the situations and their long-term impact. It is from that place of awareness and compassion that he has written The Heart of Domestic Abuse. The book is unique because it is written about abusers, deals with the heart issues, and gives a protocol for evaluating real change.

There are a number of good books written on the subject of domestic violence. I am personally grateful for Justin and Lindsey Holcomb’s work Is It My Fault? and Brenda Branson and Paula Silva’s Violence Among Us. But both of these volumes, and myriads of others are oriented towards care for the abuse victims. We need lots of help in this area, especially considering…

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Black Lives Matter, Darwinian Evolution, and Black Liberation Theology

Defending. Contending.

To all our followers. I urge you to take the time to watch this video. It explains the roots of the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) which follows a doctrine called Black Liberation Theology. In the beginning of the video, I briefly touch on the hypocrisy of those that support BLM and yet believe in Darwinian Evolution, but then afterward thoroughly expose the history of this movement by dissecting an interview of what is deemed the founder of Black Liberation Theology – James Cone.

Take a seat, turn on your brain, because this one is going to require a lot of your attention. Please share this with other Christians and non-Christians alike.

-Until we go home

Click link to watch:

Or watch here:

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The Reasoning And Importance Of Modesty

From my daughter’s blog.

Rejoicing In The Lord

photo-1444920275954-9dddec6b714eModesty. I find that to be such a lovely word, one that stands for purity of heart, mind and dress, yet also so hated among many (even Christians). Those who embrace modesty are so often accused of embracing legalism and violating individualism. Modesty is seen as belonging to a less enlightened time, a past when people only abided by stricter standers because that was the way life worked and they didn’t know any better.

The modern church sees those who embrace modesty as belonging to one of four camps: 1) The ones who think modesty is old-fashioned and should be tossed out the window along with other “stupid” rules. 2) The ones who like to be “modest” to a point, beliving that they can be satisfactorily modest while still following the world’s definition for the word. 3) Those who truly want to be modest but are made fun of for having such silly standards. 4) The legalist  who follows strict…

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