When Fear and Faith Collide

Psalms 18: 30, This God–his way is perfect;the word of the LORD proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him. 

If God is good, why do bad things happen? That’s a classic question asked by those who don’t know the goodness of God or the sinfulness of man. Bad things happen because we live in a sin saturated world inhabited by sinful men who love not God nor the things of God. We love ourselves and we want what we want. That is sin and sin leads to sorrow.

That’s the truth but how many of us truly believe it? What if you are one of the ones for whom bad things endlessly happen? When wave on wave of bad news stretches out for years behind you and rolls unceasingly in front of you, it can leave you hesitating, questioning, reeling in shock, wondering what it is that lies ahead. What next new thing will lead to disaster? Is God good then? Yes, He is for His goodness isn’t tied to the problems we face. Instead His goodness is tied to His character and revealed in the fact that He sent His Son to die so that His people need not die in their sins, need not face their trials alone.

Our God tells us to trust Him, to believe in Him, to have faith, to praise Him even, no matter what. And we must, for no matter what assails you, no matter what fear prevails, God is good and His goodness doesn’t change simply because our circumstances do…or don’t.

Yet one more day filled with bad news is enough to cause me to stagger for just a brief moment. It hurts, the pain drawing my focus from Him to me. Perhaps that has happened to you sometimes. For there are times when no matter how hard you try the unthinkable happens, not just once but in ways unending. Tempting us, if we don’t really know our Lord, don’t really understand His character, to let our faith in Almighty God waver.

There are always those who suffer more than we do, always those who suffer less. Suffering isn’t open to comparison. You hurt in this way, I in that. Both have their own problems. Many have lived through those long years of unceasing difficulties that just seem to never end; our family is among those who have. When you are attacked on every side, shaken and broken until little is left, when hope that things can stabilize gives way and the billows still roll, you want desperately to carve out a tiny bit of normalcy, to pretend just for a day that it’s going to be okay, that you’re going to make it through this time.

And you will. And you won’t.

At least that’s how it plays out with us. We’ll make it through because God is trustworthy and no matter how many billows roll, how many losses, how much pain or fear, God is good and will supply our truest and deepest needs: the need for Him, more of Him, endless amounts of an endless and amazing God. Our deepest needs satisfied by a good and gracious God Who shares Himself and fills us up with the good that He is. We won’t make it through intact, in ways we might want to. We will suffer. We will do without. We will lose much. Have you been there? When there are just too many needs and too little money to satisfy them? Too much brokenness and no answers at all? God is still worthy of your trust.

The needs in our family are so overwhelming, if I didn’t have faith in a good and gracious God, I simply couldn’t hold on one more day. But God is good no matter what and in Him, I will trust. As a believer in prayer, I would ask for your prayers. Though there are many other problems, right now our financial needs are taking center stage. Despite our best efforts, we’re behind on our rent. The threat of eviction is a real one. Our once trusty old van is broken, again. It just was just repaired last week only to break down again yesterday. The prognosis isn’t good. Hundreds of dollars or more, depending on the full extent of the problems. It might as well be thousands. We simply don’t have it. My husband works full time but the economy is bad. His job, though a good one, pays far less than a living wage; his health prevents him taking a second job. My son works nearly full time. A homeschooling Mom of many, I’ve done what I can to bring in extra. But with over eight years of job losses, medical problems, extended unemployment and other disasters behind us, we’re endlessly playing catch up and we’re losing the game. The way things are going for us, we simply never will catch up. The way things are going, a major disaster, one we can’t recover from, is a very real threat. The van being out of commission makes getting to and from work for two men left with one old and unreliable truck a daunting challenge.

Then there’s Christmas. And there are children hoping for a Christmas celebration that just might not come this year. Already they’d scaled down their hopes to so little but the so little is so difficult. It’s not the worse thing in the world but it breaks a Mama’s heart.

Honestly I just have no answers this time…. But God does. He always does. We are drowning, we may go down, but God is still good. He’s still good towards you too.

God is always good. He is ALWAYS good, no matter what you or I are facing, no matter what fears assail, no matter what disaster looms, our God is always good in all ways. Never, ever forget that.

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5 thoughts on “When Fear and Faith Collide

    • Anna, I will definitely be praying for your family. I would also like to be of practical help…please email me. May God bless you and your family and bring comfort in the midst of these trials.

  1. The amazing thing about God is that He is so faithful. If we are faithless, He remains faithful, He cannot deny Himself, so it tells us in 2 Timothy 2:13.

    It is beautiful to look upon God, when all seems bleak.

    He shines.

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